About Us

Education is the building block of a functional society. In fact it’s no stretch to say it’s the mortar that holds it together. That said, it has many aspects and components that come together to make it functional.

“Eduquest Hub – All your academic needs, under one roof. The best portal for education – The launchpad you need to chase your dreams.”


Who We Are

At Eduquest we have built a holistic, 360 degree platform to make it the one place that has answers to all your educational queries. Starting from the schools where one begins this journey. Easy for candidates as well as their parents, Eduquest offers a range of schools to choose from. Depending on their requisites, geographical, fiscal, skills, languages or any other specific need, Eduquest has something for everyone. The same for colleges. Once you’ve chosen the specialization, you get a range of colleges for the same. It doesn’t just end with enrolling in the course you’ve chosen. You get to ask questions for your concerns and even get a sneak peak of what life in that particular college looks like.

What We Do

We, at Eduquest are passionate about education and about your aspirations. We’ve left no stone unturned to ensure that every need and concern about your education is addressed. So once you log in, you can concentrate on the only important thing. Your dreams.

It gives you easy access to detailed information on career choices, courses, exams, colleges, admission criteria, eligibility, fees, placement statistics, rankings, reviews, scholarships, latestupdates etc as well as by interacting with other users, experts, current students in colleges and alumni groups.

Eduquest offers you an array of options for Technical schools and training programs to hone your skills and get into a career of your choice. And like we said, it is a complete platform that addresses all aspects of education, Eduquest is an integrated portal for educators, Institutions and people. Any aspect of the educational process you are involved in, Eduquest is where you start and end your search.

This perfect synthesis of collaborators from every sphere coming together to make education accessible, seamless and transparent is what makes Eduquest unique. So get browsing and turn your dream into a reality.

Vision :

The world of education is as complex as it is awe inspiring. Eduquest aims to make it seamless by providing a one stop platform for those who seek, provide or are related to the field. It makes education accessible for educators, students and administrators.

Mission :

  • To change the way we perceive education
  • To nurture and develop future leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and visionaries through easy accessibility to education, be it learning or teaching.
  • To have all the relevant information of schools, colleges and universities worldwide under one platform.
  • To build a community of people related to education, teachers, institutions that strive to design, create and sustain new approaches of online education through zeal and perseverance.
  • To be a one stop destination for students to search, compare and get counseling about courses they are interested in.
  • To make education affordable and approachable by integrating everyone in the field of education working to help each other within the community.